Mother of the Groom Dresses for summer are a pleasure to shop for with abundant styles in stock to flatter every figure. Although some areas are hotter than others in summer, when it comes to dresses you are looking for the same thing, something comfortable, stylish, elegant and cool. Here are a couple of tips for finding the best Mother of the Groom Dresses for summer.

1.  Natural Fabric

The summer heat is gorgeous, I love it, but more so when you can put on your bathing suit and jump in the pool when it gets too hot. Not so during a wedding and even an outdoors venue can be incredibly hot if the breeze dies down. Natural fabrics allow you to perspire more freely and dry more quickly too, making them your best choice for Mother of the Groom Dresses for summer. Synthetic fabrics also tend to start to smell bad after a while and the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable and worried that you are not smelling fresh. Rather choose something cool and natural from the start, especially is you tend to perspire rather heavily.

2.  Removable Layers

Although many might consider removable layers more important for winter wear, it is also an important consideration for summer wear too, because although the climate may be warm, it is not uncommon for the evenings to suddenly turn rather chilly or to find yourself indoors with the climate control just that little bit too cool. It is best to be prepared for all eventualities, which is why I suggest removable layers, which can be added or removed easily as the day progresses. The layers can often come in handy too if you find yourself in the direct sun during some part of the ceremony, because it is much better to be prepared and just cover yourself with your shawl or light jacket, rather than sit there suffering.

3.  Choose Lighter Colors

Although white is the color reserved for the Bride exclusively at a wedding, you may still choose something cool and light. Darker colors absorb the heat and if you will be out in the sun at all as in a daytime wedding, lighter colors will be much cooler. Minty green, ice blue, lilac and peach are a few light colors that go well at weddings, which you might like to consider.

4.  Hats

How often do you get the opportunity to wear a hat? Not just any hat, a stylish, elegant sort of ‘look at me, I am fit for the Royal Wedding’ sort of hat! It is summer and hats look so stunning with Mother of the Bride or Groom dresses, plus they look awesome in photos. I highly recommend choosing one for yourself to finish off your outfit to perfection. Far from being a frivolous addition to your wardrobe, what better way to shade yourself from the heat of the summer sun, than by wearing a hat with your Mother of the Groom Dresses for summer.

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Here is a stunning Mother of the Groom outfit in lime green. Green is such a refreshing color and suits many skin types. It will go beautifully with any blue or green wedding theme, but that is not all, because with a few exceptions like yellow and orange you could wear this suit and look good against almost any color.

Coming in at just under $350 and in a gorgeous knit fabric this fully lined, 3 piece Mother of the Groom outfit fits nicely into the affordable price range.

What is really great about choosing a 3 piece Mother of the Groom outfit is that it is suitable for various temperatures. I often find that the air conditioning is too high or low for my liking, sometimes broken all together and with this style you are well prepared for either event.

The hat and purse really finish it off to perfection in my opinion, and although sold separately can be found at the same store. Click on the picture if you are interested in finding out more about this stunning outfit.

WOMENS  SUIT   LIME GREEN.jpg provided by Women Suits And Mens Wear Raleigh 27616

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Selecting your Mother of the Groom outfits is a time for joy, not panic, so do not fret! Instead sit back and relax, let the ideas of the best Mother of the Groom outfits flow through your mind without forcing and cajoling and you will notice that this will give you more clarity.

Your choices are certainly many, but firstly ask yourself these two questions:

•    What colors do I look and feel best in?
•    What style clothes compliment my figure best and yet are most comfortable to wear?

With those answers fresh in your mind you can begin your search for Mother of the Groom outfits, online or by paging through magazines and catalogues, whether they be in the form of suits or dresses. It is about what suits your own personal sense of style.

Once you have a few ideas of the outfits you might like to wear it is time to ask yourself these three questions:

•    Will it go with what the Bridesmaids are wearing?
•    Will my daughter-in-law approve?
•    What is the Mother of the Bride wearing? (If she has not already got in touch with you it would be a good idea to have a chat with her at this stage to make sure your outfits co-ordinate)

For color charts and advice on how to match colors well to your skin as well as the overall theme of the wedding see What Color to Wear under Mother of the Groom Dresses.

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