With more and more online stores and boutiques catering specifically to plus size Mother of the Groom dresses, it is rather exciting what Mother’s can find to wear to their son’s weddings these days. No matter what your size, there is no need to sacrifice style.

I have been taking a look around on you behalf and have found some gorgeous choices from the Boncy Boutique plus size Mother of the Bride dresses range.

Take a look at this lovely A-line taffeta dress with halter neck and intricate beading detail. The color is fantastic and can go with a wide range of wedding theme colors, so it is unlikely that you need to worry about clashing. Being a strong color, it will go with most skin types too all the way from pale to darker skin tones. Another one of the things I really love about this dress too is that it shows off to advantage an ample breast, which is a feature for larger women to take advantage of and be proud of! Then the beading just below the breasts insinuates a much thinner waistline, giving a beautiful hourglass look. You really can’t go wrong with this dress as it is elegant, flattering and comes with a very reasonable price tag.


Taffeta Halter A-line with Beading        Chiffon V-neck A-line with Beading and Lace

Coming in a close second in the plus size Mother of the Bride or Groom dresses range, is this very attractive A-line chiffon dress with V-neck and lovely beading and lace detail on the upper bodice. This type of dress with neckline and detail on the top half draws attention towards your beautiful face and smile, with the lovely soft flowing fabric smoothing nicely over any bumps and bulges. The sleeves are not only strikingly beautiful, they also hide flabby upper arms, which are an annoyance to many of us! Again this rich color will go with practically any bridal theme. It gets a thumbs up from me.

These gorgeous dresses and more can be found at Boncy Boutique

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Searching for your plus size Mother of the Groom dresses can be a daunting task for many women when their sons are about to be married, because more often than not the specific style they may wish to wear might not be available in their size. Very annoying!

I highly recommend searching on the internet for shops that specially cater to your size so that you are not constantly disappointed in finding your choice unavailable. Internet shopping is one of the easiest ways to shop for plus size Mother of the Groom dresses, and plus size evening dresses because it is really easy and hassle free. If it doesn’t fit you can return it and request a different size, although be sure to check the shops terms and conditions before purchasing, as some shops may not offer this service.

There are however many of you who will want to visit shops in order to try on your Mother of the Groom dresses in person before buying and so I would like to share with you a little tip that could change your clothes shopping experience for life!

It is quite simple really and all it involves is a slight change in perspective, but it is amazing how much better it makes many women feel about themselves and their dress size.

It seems to be a common occurrence that when women select clothes from the rack to try on that they most often tend to select the size they would like to fit into rather than their actual size. Naturally, once you try to fit into the outfit it is very disconcerting to have to ask the sales assistant to go and get you a size bigger. Worse still if even that is still not quite able to fit.

How about rather getting in the habit of selecting clothes a size bigger than what you think you are? I find it to be much more fun to have to ask the sales assistant to go and get me a size smaller as the one I have tried on is just too big for me!

And if as sometimes happens, you have put on a little weight or that particular style of dress is a little smaller than usual at least you never again have to be in the disconcerting situation of struggling to get a zip done up.

It is only a little trick of the mind, but I hope that it will help and make your search for plus size Mother of the Groom dresses far more enjoyable.

Here’s to you!

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