If you are considering wearing a pant suit instead of Mother of the Groom dresses, it is an excellent idea. Although, most Mother’s do opt for dresses and skirts it is true, if you are a woman who likes to wear trousers, you must go for it, you will look great.

I have found this lovely silver gray chiffon pant suit as an example of how elegant and stylish a pant suit that you might consider for your son’s wedding can look.

Who says pants aren’t feminine on a woman? This would be a fantastic choice if you prefer pants to Mother of the Bride dresses. The color, the fabric, everything is just right. Some attractive jewelry would finish off the look beautifully, perhaps something more on the large side, but if that is not your style, then whatever you prefer will look just super.

Take a look round the stores and see what other pant suits you might find. They have the added advantage of being elegant, yet versatile and wonderfully comfortable too!

I found this gorgeous pant suit at Whatabeautifullife.com

 Classic Silver Gray Chiffon Mother of the Bride Pant Suits

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Mother of the Groom Dresses for summer are a pleasure to shop for with abundant styles in stock to flatter every figure. Although some areas are hotter than others in summer, when it comes to dresses you are looking for the same thing, something comfortable, stylish, elegant and cool. Here are a couple of tips for finding the best Mother of the Groom Dresses for summer.

1.  Natural Fabric

The summer heat is gorgeous, I love it, but more so when you can put on your bathing suit and jump in the pool when it gets too hot. Not so during a wedding and even an outdoors venue can be incredibly hot if the breeze dies down. Natural fabrics allow you to perspire more freely and dry more quickly too, making them your best choice for Mother of the Groom Dresses for summer. Synthetic fabrics also tend to start to smell bad after a while and the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable and worried that you are not smelling fresh. Rather choose something cool and natural from the start, especially is you tend to perspire rather heavily.

2.  Removable Layers

Although many might consider removable layers more important for winter wear, it is also an important consideration for summer wear too, because although the climate may be warm, it is not uncommon for the evenings to suddenly turn rather chilly or to find yourself indoors with the climate control just that little bit too cool. It is best to be prepared for all eventualities, which is why I suggest removable layers, which can be added or removed easily as the day progresses. The layers can often come in handy too if you find yourself in the direct sun during some part of the ceremony, because it is much better to be prepared and just cover yourself with your shawl or light jacket, rather than sit there suffering.

3.  Choose Lighter Colors

Although white is the color reserved for the Bride exclusively at a wedding, you may still choose something cool and light. Darker colors absorb the heat and if you will be out in the sun at all as in a daytime wedding, lighter colors will be much cooler. Minty green, ice blue, lilac and peach are a few light colors that go well at weddings, which you might like to consider.

4.  Hats

How often do you get the opportunity to wear a hat? Not just any hat, a stylish, elegant sort of ‘look at me, I am fit for the Royal Wedding’ sort of hat! It is summer and hats look so stunning with Mother of the Bride or Groom dresses, plus they look awesome in photos. I highly recommend choosing one for yourself to finish off your outfit to perfection. Far from being a frivolous addition to your wardrobe, what better way to shade yourself from the heat of the summer sun, than by wearing a hat with your Mother of the Groom Dresses for summer.

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Searching out ideas for your Mother of the Groom dresses this season, look no further than the recent Royal wedding in London for an elegant example of what to wear. See what the Mother of the Groom might have worn were she still alive, because the Mother of the Bride’s outfit was designed by none other than the late Princess Diana’s favorite designer Catherine Walker.


Her classic sky blue coatdress with matching satin piping and stylish hat is a timeless look worth aiming for and not too difficult to replicate with a quick look at what’s on offer online or even at your local mall. For larger sizes I suggest purchasing a pattern and making it up yourself or hiring a local dressmaker to put it together for you in a color of your choice.


Light colors are always a fabulous choice as they make you stand out in the crowd, although for a paler complexion deeper colors are advisable.


Also notice the simple single pendant around her neck. Simlple jewelry often lends more elegance to this type of classic style.


Have fun shopping for your perfect Mother of the Groom dress and congratulations! May the occasion be all that you wish it to be.


Here is an interesting post about Mother of the Bride dresses you might like to take a look at:


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Are you wondering… “Which Mother of the Groom Dress Should I Choose?”

You are down to your final choice of Mother of the Groom dress and struggling to make up your mind over which one you should choose.

The more you agonize over which dress to choose the harder it becomes and when you finally decide to just choose one you then end up wondering if you made the right decision.

Take a load off! Give yourself a few days to sit back and relax. As soon as you relax your mind it will be easy to make the choice. In fact you won’t even have to make the choice it will come to you naturally and easily if you just step back long enough to let it happen.

I have gathered together some pictures of Mother of the Groom dresses for you to take a look at. I have made my comments on these and hope that it will help make your decision over which dress you choose easier for you. Please do feel free to share your thoughts and comments too!

  by Megnut

This is a very elegant Mother of the Groom dress with matching jacket. I would have recommended a silver or blue purse instead of the one she is holding, but bar that this is a great look to aim for.


In this picture Mum has a great figure and I love the style of this dress, but you will find that black does not stand out like other colors especially in the photos. I highly recommend staying away from plain black. As I have said in the past… “You do want to stand out don’t you?”

by Darcie

A lot of ladies this age are wanting to hide their upper arms, but as you can see this Mother of the Groom looks lovely and very elegant in her strapless dress. Wonderfully summery too!

  by Dusty Smith

Now the truth about wearing black is that it is slimming and what is so perfect about this Mother of the Groom dress is that it has the advantage of being slimming, but the detail on the jacket and bodice will ensure she stands out in pictures, plus it draws attention away from any excess around the middle.

by Brian Harrington Spier

The Mother of the Groom in this picture looks simply stunning, such a shame that she blends right in with the Groomsmen. You always want to be sure to check the colors of the wedding party. If this outfit was even just a couple of shades darker imagine how much more beautiful it would look, because at first glance you almost mistake her for one of the guys in this picture don’t you? Then again perhaps that was the idea!!!

As always hoping that this helps you in making your final choice.

Best wishes.

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