It is not surprising that many of us mix up Mother of the Groom tea length dresses with knee length dresses, because the difference is actually very small, but to be exact I have found two lovely dresses, both would be stunning Mother of the Groom dresses in their own right and they each give a clear example of the differences in length.

First we have this beautiful knee length beaded tea length chiffon Mother of the Bride dress. It is absolutely stunning. The perfect color for a wedding as it will go nicely with any other colors. The detailed beading and elegant jacket are fantastic too. As you can see, the skirt hem is clearly at the knee and this is often a good length for a daytime wedding.


This second dress is a perfect example of Mother of the Groom tea length dresses. It’s hemline comes almost midway between the ankle and knee. This is a true tea length dress and is suitable for daytime or evening wear. I love this dress, although it might be a little plain on it’s own for Mother of the Bride or Groom dresses. Spice it up with a jacket or pashmina and some startling jewelry.

Find these dresses and more at

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If you are considering wearing a pant suit instead of Mother of the Groom dresses, it is an excellent idea. Although, most Mother’s do opt for dresses and skirts it is true, if you are a woman who likes to wear trousers, you must go for it, you will look great.

I have found this lovely silver gray chiffon pant suit as an example of how elegant and stylish a pant suit that you might consider for your son’s wedding can look.

Who says pants aren’t feminine on a woman? This would be a fantastic choice if you prefer pants to Mother of the Bride dresses. The color, the fabric, everything is just right. Some attractive jewelry would finish off the look beautifully, perhaps something more on the large side, but if that is not your style, then whatever you prefer will look just super.

Take a look round the stores and see what other pant suits you might find. They have the added advantage of being elegant, yet versatile and wonderfully comfortable too!

I found this gorgeous pant suit at

 Classic Silver Gray Chiffon Mother of the Bride Pant Suits

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Shopping for Mother of the Groom dresses for fall is an exciting time. If you live in a climate that enjoys visible seasons, what a pleasure. You can co-ordinate your colors with the colors of fall if you wish. You will want to choose warmer, deeper, darker colors for this season usually and in richer textured fabrics that keep you warmer allowing for the drop in temperature.

Shawls and Jackets

Shawls and jackets are a must, to compliment your look. Either in the same fabric, or in a different fabric, but complimentary color. These can turn an outfit into something all the more elegant.


Suddenly, long sleeves, short sleeves, sleeveless and even three quarter sleeves are all an option to you, because whereas longer sleeves are just too hot for summer wear, they are perfect for fall and winter weddings.


Something else wonderful about Mother of the Groom dresses for fall are gloves. You can get away with gloves at any time of year it is true, but when the weather begins to cool down, that is really the best suited time to wear a pair of gloves with your outfit and they do turn any outfit into something very glamorous, not to mention keeping you warm.


Whereas in summer, one might turn more towards lighter and natural fabrics, in the fall heavier and darker will suit better. Navy blue, plum, maroon, chocolate, burnt orange, mulberry, evergreen, are just a few ideas for the sorts of colors you might go for. Just the sound of many of these colors brings a warm feeling to your soul and conjures up images of being curled up by a warm fire. Ice blue? Definitely not, but Royal blue, now we’re talking and I think you get the picture of the sort of colors to go for when looking for Mother of the Groom dresses for fall


Your choice of fabric will play a part in shopping for cooler climates naturally. Cotton and viscose or any other thin and flimsy fabric are best left for the warmer months of the year. Silk looks gorgeous and is warm, which makes is a good choice. Good quality taffeta or brocades. Chiffon is a good choice as it usually comes with a lining giving it more warmth. Taffeta, chiffon and satin are some of the most commonly used fabrics for wedding attire, and understandably so, as they do look and feel great. Jersey is another option you might like to consider, because it is soft to the touch, comfortable and warm at the same time.

Because most venues will have climate control these days and you are unlikely to have an outdoor wedding in the freezing cold (although if you do, be sure to be prepared for it!) most fabrics you choose will be suitable for the occasion. Often the heating in a venue can get too hot and stuffy with all the people crammed into one place. For this reason it is always better to have a jacket or shawl rather than your actual dress being too warm.

Enjoy your shopping and congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Take a look around the site for more inspiration and ideas.

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Wallis are having a great sale and they have some gorgeous dresses suitable for Mother of the Groom dresses. They even have 20% off their petite dresses range too.

I have selected a few ideas here, which would look stunning as summery Mother of the Groom dresses. Accessorized with an attractive necklace and add some strappy shoes and a summer hat to look sensational at your son’s wedding.

Visit Wallis to find more dresses just like these in their 20% off sale.


Black Oriental Floral Maxi $78          Black Paisley Print Maxi $78        Coral Floral Print Maxi Dress $78


Green Poppy Print Maxi $84     Orange Leaf Print Maxi Dress $78     Grey Placement Flower Dress $88

Sale ends 31st March, which means there is plenty of time, but place your orders as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Bringing you inspiration and ideas for the perfect wedding attire

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Searching out ideas for your Mother of the Groom dresses this season, look no further than the recent Royal wedding in London for an elegant example of what to wear. See what the Mother of the Groom might have worn were she still alive, because the Mother of the Bride’s outfit was designed by none other than the late Princess Diana’s favorite designer Catherine Walker.


Her classic sky blue coatdress with matching satin piping and stylish hat is a timeless look worth aiming for and not too difficult to replicate with a quick look at what’s on offer online or even at your local mall. For larger sizes I suggest purchasing a pattern and making it up yourself or hiring a local dressmaker to put it together for you in a color of your choice.


Light colors are always a fabulous choice as they make you stand out in the crowd, although for a paler complexion deeper colors are advisable.


Also notice the simple single pendant around her neck. Simlple jewelry often lends more elegance to this type of classic style.


Have fun shopping for your perfect Mother of the Groom dress and congratulations! May the occasion be all that you wish it to be.


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