Finding Mother of the Groom dresses proves a challenge for most Mothers, but it may seem to those Mums seeking petite Mother of the Groom dresses that they have all but been forgotten with plus size ladies forming the majority of women these days. Many ladies clothing companies are creating lines especially focussed on plus size Mother of the Groom dresses and the like, forgetting it seems about all the lovely petite Mothers that are out there.

So I thought I would dedicate this blog post especially to those of you who are seeking petite Mother of the Groom dresses for their son’s wedding day.

I have found some lovely dresses in petit sizes at Sydney’s Closet. Here are a few that I personally liked. If you would like to explore further just click on any of the photos which will take you to the site where you can explore the entire range of petite Mother of the Bride and Groom dresses:


Here are a couple more sites that specialise in petite Mother of the Groom dresses:

Although there may not be a large amount of online stores specializing in petite size dresses, the large department stores do usually have a great range with very affordable prices. Just for starters take a look at these stores which can be found is almost every US city. The links go directly to their petite dresses pages for easy reference on what is available.


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Are you wondering… “Which Mother of the Groom Dress Should I Choose?”

You are down to your final choice of Mother of the Groom dress and struggling to make up your mind over which one you should choose.

The more you agonize over which dress to choose the harder it becomes and when you finally decide to just choose one you then end up wondering if you made the right decision.

Take a load off! Give yourself a few days to sit back and relax. As soon as you relax your mind it will be easy to make the choice. In fact you won’t even have to make the choice it will come to you naturally and easily if you just step back long enough to let it happen.

I have gathered together some pictures of Mother of the Groom dresses for you to take a look at. I have made my comments on these and hope that it will help make your decision over which dress you choose easier for you. Please do feel free to share your thoughts and comments too!

  by Megnut

This is a very elegant Mother of the Groom dress with matching jacket. I would have recommended a silver or blue purse instead of the one she is holding, but bar that this is a great look to aim for.


In this picture Mum has a great figure and I love the style of this dress, but you will find that black does not stand out like other colors especially in the photos. I highly recommend staying away from plain black. As I have said in the past… “You do want to stand out don’t you?”

by Darcie

A lot of ladies this age are wanting to hide their upper arms, but as you can see this Mother of the Groom looks lovely and very elegant in her strapless dress. Wonderfully summery too!

  by Dusty Smith

Now the truth about wearing black is that it is slimming and what is so perfect about this Mother of the Groom dress is that it has the advantage of being slimming, but the detail on the jacket and bodice will ensure she stands out in pictures, plus it draws attention away from any excess around the middle.

by Brian Harrington Spier

The Mother of the Groom in this picture looks simply stunning, such a shame that she blends right in with the Groomsmen. You always want to be sure to check the colors of the wedding party. If this outfit was even just a couple of shades darker imagine how much more beautiful it would look, because at first glance you almost mistake her for one of the guys in this picture don’t you? Then again perhaps that was the idea!!!

As always hoping that this helps you in making your final choice.

Best wishes.

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Mother Of The Groom Dresses