Customized Mother of the Groom dresses are an excellent choice for something different and unique for the occasion. If you like to wear natural fibres and are looking for something spontaneous, I think these gorgeous dresses might be of interest to you.

I found them at an online store called Eshakti and what is fantastic about this store is that you can have your dress made to your own requirements with very little extra cost.

Add customizing for a little as $7.50

These stunning embroidered embellishments of birds, hearts or butterflies can be added to whichever dress style you choose, in whichever color and they have plenty to choose from.

And that’s not all, because you can have these dresses tailored exactly to fit your body size and shape all for under $70.

Obviously, these styles and fabrics are more suited to daytime, outdoor weddings, but perhaps that is just what your son and daughter in law have planned and you can have one of these cute little numbers made up to your exact measurements and design preferences to show just how exceptional Mother of the Groom dresses for summer can look.

Below is only a tiny sampling of what they have to choose from on their website and take any of the designs and customize to your hearts delight with embroidery, frills etc.



         Floral pleat waist dress     Floral embroidered smocked maxi    Strapless rosette pin maxi

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Mother Of The Groom Dresses