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The marriage of a son is a special occasion for the Mother of the Groom, one that requires a certain style Mother of the Groom dresses. A dress that portrays both elegance and motherly charm, but unfortunately when it comes to searching for Mother of the Groom dresses many women feel that the Mother of the Groom has been all but forgotten, because there are so many advertisements catering to Mother of the Bride dresses and bridesmaids dresses. Don’t let that get you down. When you begin searching for your Mother of the Groom dresses following these 4 easy steps will ensure that you find the perfect dress to suit the occasion.

Step #1: Choosing Your Color

Choosing the color of your Mother of the Groom dresses is a great place to start. At weddings there are always many photographs taken and as Mother of the Groom you will be featured in most of them. Here are the factors to consider when selecting the color for you:

  • What colors has the Bride chosen for her bridesmaids?
  • Choose a color that suits your skin tone
  • Be sure it is a color that you feel comfortable and confident in

Step #2: Selecting Your Style

When choosing the style of your Mother of the Groom dresses, although season and type of venue may play a part, selecting a classic style will be suitable for any occasion. Many mothers like to take the opportunity to get dressed up with an elegant hat, matching bag and shoes and this is the perfect occasion to do so. The great thing about classic lines is that they never go out of fashion. You will be sure to look stylish and elegant in your choice of dress and you will be able to wear this dress again in the future if you choose to. A light jacket will finish off the outfit nicely and you will be prepared for any drops in temperature or air conditioning turned down too low which can often be the case.

Step #3: Know Your Size

If you are not already certain of your dress size, be sure to get yourself measured up. Buying your dress ahead of time is best because you can always have any alterations made by a local dressmaker to ensure a perfect fit.

Step #4: Making your Purchase

Now that you know the color, style and size searching for your Mother of the Groom dresses will be easy. If you are someone who likes to look around a bit before making your final choice, be sure to make a note of the dresses you see that you like so that you can find them again. However, by now you will most likely know the dress for you instantly when you see it, so go ahead and make your purchase so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the upcoming event…Your son’s marriage!

And why not let everyone know just how proud you are, by treating yourself to a Mother of the Groom T-shirt, tote bag, jersey or apron?  

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If you are considering wearing a pant suit instead of Mother of the Groom dresses, it is an excellent idea. Although, most Mother’s do opt for dresses and skirts it is true, if you are a woman who likes to wear trousers, you must go for it, you will look great.

I have found this lovely silver gray chiffon pant suit as an example of how elegant and stylish a pant suit that you might consider for your son’s wedding can look.

Who says pants aren’t feminine on a woman? This would be a fantastic choice if you prefer pants to Mother of the Bride dresses. The color, the fabric, everything is just right. Some attractive jewelry would finish off the look beautifully, perhaps something more on the large side, but if that is not your style, then whatever you prefer will look just super.

Take a look round the stores and see what other pant suits you might find. They have the added advantage of being elegant, yet versatile and wonderfully comfortable too!

I found this gorgeous pant suit at

 Classic Silver Gray Chiffon Mother of the Bride Pant Suits

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Customized Mother of the Groom dresses are an excellent choice for something different and unique for the occasion. If you like to wear natural fibres and are looking for something spontaneous, I think these gorgeous dresses might be of interest to you.

I found them at an online store called Eshakti and what is fantastic about this store is that you can have your dress made to your own requirements with very little extra cost.

Add customizing for a little as $7.50

These stunning embroidered embellishments of birds, hearts or butterflies can be added to whichever dress style you choose, in whichever color and they have plenty to choose from.

And that’s not all, because you can have these dresses tailored exactly to fit your body size and shape all for under $70.

Obviously, these styles and fabrics are more suited to daytime, outdoor weddings, but perhaps that is just what your son and daughter in law have planned and you can have one of these cute little numbers made up to your exact measurements and design preferences to show just how exceptional Mother of the Groom dresses for summer can look.

Below is only a tiny sampling of what they have to choose from on their website and take any of the designs and customize to your hearts delight with embroidery, frills etc.



         Floral pleat waist dress     Floral embroidered smocked maxi    Strapless rosette pin maxi

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Wallis are having a great sale and they have some gorgeous dresses suitable for Mother of the Groom dresses. They even have 20% off their petite dresses range too.

I have selected a few ideas here, which would look stunning as summery Mother of the Groom dresses. Accessorized with an attractive necklace and add some strappy shoes and a summer hat to look sensational at your son’s wedding.

Visit Wallis to find more dresses just like these in their 20% off sale.


Black Oriental Floral Maxi $78          Black Paisley Print Maxi $78        Coral Floral Print Maxi Dress $78


Green Poppy Print Maxi $84     Orange Leaf Print Maxi Dress $78     Grey Placement Flower Dress $88

Sale ends 31st March, which means there is plenty of time, but place your orders as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Bringing you inspiration and ideas for the perfect wedding attire

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If you are searching out Mother of the Groom dresses for spring, Christmas is the worst time. Not only are the shops filled with manic shoppers, but your gift buying budget stretches your finances and often depletes the amount of enjoyment that can be had from the experience that should be wonderful and exciting.

The good news is that soon there will be the January sales and this is a fine time to grab your self a bargain and at a fantastic price too.

Some things to consider when shopping the January sales for your Mother of the Groom dresses, is that not all your first choices might be available, or they may not be available in your size. To make this kind of shopping work for you, you must make sure to have several outfits in mind as not be disappointed.

Have a great Christmas and enjoy shopping.

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Searching out ideas for your Mother of the Groom dresses this season, look no further than the recent Royal wedding in London for an elegant example of what to wear. See what the Mother of the Groom might have worn were she still alive, because the Mother of the Bride’s outfit was designed by none other than the late Princess Diana’s favorite designer Catherine Walker.


Her classic sky blue coatdress with matching satin piping and stylish hat is a timeless look worth aiming for and not too difficult to replicate with a quick look at what’s on offer online or even at your local mall. For larger sizes I suggest purchasing a pattern and making it up yourself or hiring a local dressmaker to put it together for you in a color of your choice.


Light colors are always a fabulous choice as they make you stand out in the crowd, although for a paler complexion deeper colors are advisable.


Also notice the simple single pendant around her neck. Simlple jewelry often lends more elegance to this type of classic style.


Have fun shopping for your perfect Mother of the Groom dress and congratulations! May the occasion be all that you wish it to be.


Here is an interesting post about Mother of the Bride dresses you might like to take a look at:


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 Finding Mother of the Groom dresses proves a challenge for most Mothers, but it may seem to those Mums seeking petite Mother of the Groom dresses that they have all but been forgotten with plus size ladies forming the majority of women these days. Many ladies clothing companies are creating lines especially focussed on plus size Mother of the Groom dresses and the like, forgetting it seems about all the lovely petite Mothers that are out there.

So I thought I would dedicate this blog post especially to those of you who are seeking petite Mother of the Groom dresses for their son’s wedding day.

I have found some lovely dresses in petit sizes at Sydney’s Closet. Here are a few that I personally liked. If you would like to explore further just click on any of the photos which will take you to the site where you can explore the entire range of petite Mother of the Bride and Groom dresses:


Here are a couple more sites that specialise in petite Mother of the Groom dresses:

Although there may not be a large amount of online stores specializing in petite size dresses, the large department stores do usually have a great range with very affordable prices. Just for starters take a look at these stores which can be found is almost every US city. The links go directly to their petite dresses pages for easy reference on what is available.


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Our website:
Hours: 10 am to 5 pm CST
Phone: 512-382-0444

Online store offering affordable and fashionable mother of the bride dresses and mother of the groom gowns. We specialize in hard-to-find PLUS SIZE or full figure formal gowns and evening wear for the mother of the bride and groom.

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When selecting the color of your Mother of the Groom dresses there are several factors that need to be considered. I have put together this list that will make your selection process easier:

1.    First and foremost check with the Bride to find out whether she has any specific ideas or preferences.
2.    Liaise with the Brides mother, because traditionally she chooses her dress first. It is also a great ice-breaker for the two of you to start communicating on a more personal level if you have not yet done so.
3.    Make sure you know what colors suit your complexion to get the best look in photographs. If you do not already know click here and read this article to find the best color for your Mother of the Groom dresses.
4.    Select a color for your Mother of the Groom dresses that co-ordinates and compliments well with what the rest of the bridal party are wearing. If you do not have a good idea of what colors go well together click here for a comprehensive list of what colors will look good together.

That’s it you are going to look fantastic and remember to bookmark this page in case you want to refer back to it in the future.

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Are you wondering… “Which Mother of the Groom Dress Should I Choose?”

You are down to your final choice of Mother of the Groom dress and struggling to make up your mind over which one you should choose.

The more you agonize over which dress to choose the harder it becomes and when you finally decide to just choose one you then end up wondering if you made the right decision.

Take a load off! Give yourself a few days to sit back and relax. As soon as you relax your mind it will be easy to make the choice. In fact you won’t even have to make the choice it will come to you naturally and easily if you just step back long enough to let it happen.

I have gathered together some pictures of Mother of the Groom dresses for you to take a look at. I have made my comments on these and hope that it will help make your decision over which dress you choose easier for you. Please do feel free to share your thoughts and comments too!

  by Megnut

This is a very elegant Mother of the Groom dress with matching jacket. I would have recommended a silver or blue purse instead of the one she is holding, but bar that this is a great look to aim for.


In this picture Mum has a great figure and I love the style of this dress, but you will find that black does not stand out like other colors especially in the photos. I highly recommend staying away from plain black. As I have said in the past… “You do want to stand out don’t you?”

by Darcie

A lot of ladies this age are wanting to hide their upper arms, but as you can see this Mother of the Groom looks lovely and very elegant in her strapless dress. Wonderfully summery too!

  by Dusty Smith

Now the truth about wearing black is that it is slimming and what is so perfect about this Mother of the Groom dress is that it has the advantage of being slimming, but the detail on the jacket and bodice will ensure she stands out in pictures, plus it draws attention away from any excess around the middle.

by Brian Harrington Spier

The Mother of the Groom in this picture looks simply stunning, such a shame that she blends right in with the Groomsmen. You always want to be sure to check the colors of the wedding party. If this outfit was even just a couple of shades darker imagine how much more beautiful it would look, because at first glance you almost mistake her for one of the guys in this picture don’t you? Then again perhaps that was the idea!!!

As always hoping that this helps you in making your final choice.

Best wishes.

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