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Searching out ideas for your Mother of the Groom dresses this season, look no further than the recent Royal wedding in London for an elegant example of what to wear. See what the Mother of the Groom might have worn were she still alive, because the Mother of the Bride’s outfit was designed by none other than the late Princess Diana’s favorite designer Catherine Walker.


Her classic sky blue coatdress with matching satin piping and stylish hat is a timeless look worth aiming for and not too difficult to replicate with a quick look at what’s on offer online or even at your local mall. For larger sizes I suggest purchasing a pattern and making it up yourself or hiring a local dressmaker to put it together for you in a color of your choice.


Light colors are always a fabulous choice as they make you stand out in the crowd, although for a paler complexion deeper colors are advisable.


Also notice the simple single pendant around her neck. Simlple jewelry often lends more elegance to this type of classic style.


Have fun shopping for your perfect Mother of the Groom dress and congratulations! May the occasion be all that you wish it to be.


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