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 Finding Mother of the Groom dresses proves a challenge for most Mothers, but it may seem to those Mums seeking petite Mother of the Groom dresses that they have all but been forgotten with plus size ladies forming the majority of women these days. Many ladies clothing companies are creating lines especially focussed on plus size Mother of the Groom dresses and the like, forgetting it seems about all the lovely petite Mothers that are out there.

So I thought I would dedicate this blog post especially to those of you who are seeking petite Mother of the Groom dresses for their son’s wedding day.

I have found some lovely dresses in petit sizes at Sydney’s Closet. Here are a few that I personally liked. If you would like to explore further just click on any of the photos which will take you to the site where you can explore the entire range of petite Mother of the Bride and Groom dresses:


Here are a couple more sites that specialise in petite Mother of the Groom dresses:

Although there may not be a large amount of online stores specializing in petite size dresses, the large department stores do usually have a great range with very affordable prices. Just for starters take a look at these stores which can be found is almost every US city. The links go directly to their petite dresses pages for easy reference on what is available.


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Mother Of The Groom Dresses