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What is a tea length dress?

A tea length dress is a dress where the hem falls below the knee, but above the ankle.

When is it appropriate for the Mother of the Groom to wear a tea length dress?

Mother of the Groom tea length dresses are the perfect choice for an informal or afternoon wedding. It is customary for the Mother of the Bride and the Mother of the Groom dresses to be the same length, so it is a good idea to liaise with the Mother of the Bride on length of dress before you make your purchase.

Having the Mothers dresses the same length gives the group photos a great sense of symmetry.

Can the Mother of the Groom wear a tea length dress to a formal wedding?

At a formal wedding it is customary for the Mothers dresses both to be floor length.

Here are some Mother of the Groom tea length dresses to give you some ideas. If you like any of them and wish to find out more details, simply click on the photo.

I love this dress! It is very elegant and the jacket really finishes it off nicely doesn’t it?

This beautiful chiffon dress is perfect, but I would not recommend it if you are conscious of having large hips as the layers may tend to make them look bigger.

This is a wonderful example of a classic tea length dress. I would choose a different color though as it is a bit too dark to wear as a Mother of the Groom dress, but if you click on the picture to go through to the webpage you will find that it comes in a great range of colors like ice blue, victorian rose and forest green to name but a few.

Soft and flowing, this style of tea length dress is also perfect for ladies with a larger figure as the design at the waist has a slimming effect. Pink may not be for everyone, but most of these dresses come in a huge selection of colors.

The first and third pictures are my personal favorites. Which do you prefer and why?

The prices of the dresses featured above range from $150 to $200, which is what you might expect to pay for a good quality dress of this type, but if you are on a tighter budget than that I recommend looking out for sales and special offers.

Best of luck in finding your perfect Mother of the Groom tea length dresses.

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