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The marriage of a son is a special occasion for the Mother of the Groom, one that requires a certain style Mother of the Groom dresses. A dress that portrays both elegance and motherly charm, but unfortunately when it comes to searching for Mother of the Groom dresses many women feel that the Mother of the Groom has been all but forgotten, because there are so many advertisements catering to Mother of the Bride dresses and bridesmaids dresses. Don’t let that get you down. When you begin searching for your Mother of the Groom dresses following these 4 easy steps will ensure that you find the perfect dress to suit the occasion.

Step #1: Choosing Your Color

Choosing the color of your Mother of the Groom dresses is a great place to start. At weddings there are always many photographs taken and as Mother of the Groom you will be featured in most of them. Here are the factors to consider when selecting the color for you:

  • What colors has the Bride chosen for her bridesmaids?
  • Choose a color that suits your skin tone
  • Be sure it is a color that you feel comfortable and confident in

Step #2: Selecting Your Style

When choosing the style of your Mother of the Groom dresses, although season and type of venue may play a part, selecting a classic style will be suitable for any occasion. Many mothers like to take the opportunity to get dressed up with an elegant hat, matching bag and shoes and this is the perfect occasion to do so. The great thing about classic lines is that they never go out of fashion. You will be sure to look stylish and elegant in your choice of dress and you will be able to wear this dress again in the future if you choose to. A light jacket will finish off the outfit nicely and you will be prepared for any drops in temperature or air conditioning turned down too low which can often be the case.

Step #3: Know Your Size

If you are not already certain of your dress size, be sure to get yourself measured up. Buying your dress ahead of time is best because you can always have any alterations made by a local dressmaker to ensure a perfect fit.

Step #4: Making your Purchase

Now that you know the color, style and size searching for your Mother of the Groom dresses will be easy. If you are someone who likes to look around a bit before making your final choice, be sure to make a note of the dresses you see that you like so that you can find them again. However, by now you will most likely know the dress for you instantly when you see it, so go ahead and make your purchase so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy the upcoming event…Your son’s marriage!

And why not let everyone know just how proud you are, by treating yourself to a Mother of the Groom T-shirt, tote bag, jersey or apron?  

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Most women feel shy having to disclose their weight and dress size, especially to a stranger. Unless you are a zero dress size that is, for those petit women relish the moment they get to tell publicly their size.

So it is not surprising that an approaching formal occasion like a wedding that will require Mother of the Groom dresses is often cause for distress for the woman seeking plus size evening dresses, but do not feel alone. According to research by the American Heart Association 2003-2006, 57.5 percent of women in America are overweight. This means that you are actually in the majority and so it should not be difficult to find plus size evening dresses to suit your style and figure. Yet those who have gone in search of the perfect plus size evening dresses for them are often disappointed to find racks and racks of clothes that do not fit!

If this has been your experience, do not worry as clothes manufacturers are catching up and a simple search on the internet is encouraging to find so many online stores specifically catering to the larger lady and plus size evening dresses in particular. And with the advent of companies like and you needn’t even leave the house at all.

No need to disclose your dress size to some skinny young shop assistant, who waits patiently as you try on the size you’d like to fit into, only to have to request she finds you a larger size. Yes! Those are worries of the past. Now you can simply type “plus size evening dresses” into your google browser and select the style and size from the comfort of your own home. Better still and be sure to check the terms of sale, but the reason I like Amazon so much is that most purchases have next day delivery AND money back guarantee! Now that is just perfect isn’t it?

Now searching for plus size evening dresses is a breeze. You can look at plus size dresses on plus size women and get a really good idea of how they will suit your own figure. Always remember the saying “Big is beautiful” and keep that in mind when selecting your perfect plus size evening dress for a social gathering. In some countries in Africa the bigger the women are, the more beautiful they are considered. It is reputed to be a sign of health and prosperity!

That is all well and true you may say, “But I don’t live in Africa!” Well, this is true, but it is also true that beauty is very much a state of mind. However, if you still wish to look slimmer than you actually are try these two very effective dressing tips.

Tip #1

Wearing black has a slimming effect. Accessorizing with a colorful scarf draws attention to the neckline and away from any bulges.

Tip #2

Vertical stripes have a magical way of making you look both taller and thinner!

Good luck! I know you will find the perfect plus size Mother of the Groom dress to suit you. I have personally picked out this evening dress below (available in X sizes and wonderfully priced under $40 from to get you started on your search. Best wishes and happy shopping!

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My son is getting married in April, and I want to look good, but I’ve packed on several pounds since my last “public appearance” (I am a tall size 20). I have a tea-length dress that is “acceptable” (in burgundy with gold), but my friends tell me I look too frumpy in it. The bridesmaids are wearing Aqua colored dresses. I just found a beautiful dress in a periwinkle blue, with a full length A-line skirt, embellished with embroidered roses, beading & crystals, with a matching wrap. I feel like a princess in it. My concern is that it has more bling than the bride’s gown or the bridesmaids. I am only 46 and not ready to look like my own grandmother, and I figure that I will be looking at those pictures for a long time, and I don’t want my thought to be how prematurely old I look, but I also don’t want to look out of place or silly. Any advice?
I think the dress sounds nice and I personally wouldn’t mind if MY MOM wore something like that to my wedding (my dress is pretty simple but beautiful) however, depending on what type of relationship I had with my future mother-in-law (mine is actually passed on) I “may” feel like she was trying to deliberately take the attention and shine it on her. If you have a good relationship with your soon to be daughter in law, show her the dress and ask her if it’s okay. If you don’t have a good relationship with her, error on the side of caution and go for something more played down. I understand that you’ll have to look at the pictures for years to come and don’t want to look like a granny, but it’s not your day, it’s her’s and your son’s, you had your day. Good luck.

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